Ducati To Bring New Monster Models To The Table?

The latest spy shots from Ducati have given us a few clues about the next generation of Ducati’s iconic Monster range. It seems like the Monster family will be receiving an 800cc iteration, borrowing the engine from the Ducati Scrambler. The rest of the 2017 line up will probably include a 939, and an upgraded 1200.


First and foremost, let’s take a look at those spy pictures. We’re looking at an air cooled 803 cc engine sitting inside of the Monster package. Again, this will be an engine borrowed from the Scrambler platform, and this new Monster will be geared towards the entry level market. It’s a new 800, but it’s a whole different machine to the older 796. Usually, when you think “different machine” or “different beast” you expect it to be followed with incredible power figures.


Thanks to the new Euro4 regulations, this isn’t the case. The engine might be a little bigger in the cc department, but the overall power figures are definitely going to smaller. The current Scrambler engine boasts around 70 hp, so expect something closer to that than the old 796’s 87 hp. That Euro4 rule is killing the air cooled market… But there should be a nice trade off. The Monster 800 should retail for a cheaper price than we’re used to. It’s a cheaper engine to manufacture, and Ducati are definitely making strides in making budget conscious machines for younger or newer riders who want the Ducati label, without the price tag. Think of Scrambler Sixty2 as a prime example.


Next up on the roster, it seems like a 2017 Monster 939 is incredibly likely. Since we’ve mentioned cost cutting, Ducati will surely try to limit the amount of engines that they’re manufacturing. Earlier on this year, we heard that the Hypermotard 821 was upgraded to 937 cc engine. The Hypermotard usually shares the same engine as the Monster 821, so a liquid cooled 937 cc Monster seems likely. Talking of sharing engines, the 937 cc motor is also the very same one that powers the upcoming SuperSport that was unveiled at World Ducati Week earlier last month. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


And a 1200? Of course there’ll be a 1200. Last year, Ducati boasted that their Monster 1200 R was the most powerful Monster they’d ever produced. They won’t be regressing in that department. We’ve got a cheaper air cooled 800 on the cards, a mid-sized and appropriately priced 939, so naturally there’ll be the deluxe model at the top of the food chain. However, we’ll have to wait until EICMA later on this year for real confirmation – and full specs too!

(Spy shots courtesy of BikeSocial)

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