Ducati Hints At A 1100cc Scrambler

If you’re thinking about a 200hp Panigale powered Scrambler – think again. But Ducati are considering a larger capacity Scrambler machine. Ducati dropped hints at the Scrambler Sixty2 event in Barcelona that something bigger was on the cards. “We’ve got the engines, there is room to make something bigger. We’ll see, we have a number of ideas and we’re thinking about it… there is a volcano of ideas,” project manager Federico Sabbioni told the British bike publication Visordown.


The word “volcano” is probably a bit of a stretch, because the only idea they’ve hinted at is a bigger engine. However, we’re confident that an larger power plant will be a welcome upgrade. Now, since the Ducati Scrambler platform is based around a traditional two-valve, air cooled concept, it’s unlikely that the larger version will deviate from that model. Currently, Ducati’s largest engine that fits that bill is their 800cc unit, however, it seems like their discontinued 1100cc Desmodue Evoluzione engine is the likely candidate for the Scrambler. Although, to get those engines into production again, Ducati will have to make a fair few changes to make them Euro4 compliant.


Where a lot of manufacturers are moving towards smaller capacity machines, the BMW G310 platform as an example, Ducati believe that the only way is up and have dismissed suggestions of a smaller “cc” machine. “250cc is too small,” Sabbioni told Visordown. “We think this is a bottom line (400cc twin) and we have to respect that and not stretch our brand and our values too much to the lower end. We didn’t want to just copy the old Scrambler 30 years later, we want to re-imagine them in a post heritage way, try to add contemporary technology and innovation but keeping the style and inspiration of the old bike.”

Even so, it’s still only a hint and the whole idea may never even come into fruition. Although 1100cc doesn’t exactly conjure images of scrambling to mind, it’s sure to attract buyers, and not just the bearded, turn-up sporting ones either. Could be fun, I guess?

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