Drift Team Sets World Record For Largest Image Made With A Burnout (Video)

Setting an official world record with such a high bar is already amazing because so few people can even try. When it comes to this level, there’s so much time and money as well as practice needed. The cherry on top of the largest burnout image record changing hands is that it was done to raise breast cancer awareness.

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies is the official Ford distributor for Saudi Arabia and felt up to the task. From day one, they knew they would be using a pair of Mustang RTR-Ds built specifically for drift events. These cars are both owned by the company’s Ford Racing division and they already had drivers on tap. Muath Al-Essa and Abdullhadi Al-Qahtani are two of the agency’s drivers who were ready to tackle this continuous drift for a good cause.

In order to make the image of the breast cancer ribbon, tires with a special burnout compound were sourced. They were also stained pink to make sure that the right color was ready to go. As they tear around, pink smoke pours off in clouds as they lay down the pink rubber to the asphalt

It took about 45 minutes to complete the image in the parking lot of Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies located in Riyadh. When all is said and done, the burnout image is amazing because it covers just over 9500 square feet. This was a sound triumph over the previous record that sat just a little shy of 5400 square feet.

Not only is this an astounding world record to be proud of, but it supports a great cause. It was also recorded for posterity so we get to see the whole event condensed into a highlight reel. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the record as well as the cars they chose to use.

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