Dougie Lampkin: The First Man To Wheelie The Isle Of Man TT Course!

When you’re already a celebrated trials world champion, what do you do next? You wheelie the Isle of Man TT course in its entirety, obviously! After his first attempt was postponed due to inclement weather, Dougie Lampkin grabbed the next available opportunity, and has now wheelied his way into the record books by becoming the first rider to ever officially wheelie the entire length of the legendary course.


37.7 miles on one wheel is a serious feat. Talking to Red Bull TV, Dougie said of the experience: “My legs are gone. It was so windy on the mountain… I could feel the brakes worming up, I was just everywhere. I couldn’t wait for it to be over­. […] From the beginning it was incredible. I picked over at the start, just notching through to top gear where I wanted to be, sort of hesitated a little bit, nearly went down before the start line and then… It took a while to sort it out… I knew I was going too fast.”


To win this incredible accolade, Dougie made sure he was riding the bike. A specially modified Vertigo Ice Hell 300 trial stunt bike was called in, and the modifications included an extra set of foot pegs on the rear axle, a secondary rear brake, and a specially designed electric motor to keep the front wheel spinning to aid his balance. He might have had the perfect bike, but he certainly didn’t have the perfect conditions. The course wasn’t closed for the record attempt, and the 12 time Trials World Champion had to battle with traffic in his pursuit for glory, although he did have a support car in front of him…


Dougie Lampkin has now become the first person to successfully wheelie the entire course, but he’s not the first to try. Back in the 70s, a man by the name of Dave Taylor had a few attempts but never managed to stay on one wheel the whole way.


You can watch the full effort on Red Bull TV’s website (here) because the whole thing was broadcast live!

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