Dodge Durango SRT Pickup Would Look Like This

Do digital artists matter at all!? They probably do as they give an early market insight and wait for the feedback of the people for something outrageous. Like this for example – the Dodge Durango SRT Pickup truck. Only a few days after Dodge released the first pictures of the fastest three-row SUV, the X-Tomi created a cool rendering showing what would it be like to have a Dodge Durango Pickup with an SRT trim. Cool or not!? What do you think?

This, of course, is just a speculative rendering and an impossibility in the real life. Based on the unibody structure, the newest Durango isn’t exactly the best bet for the conversion into a pickup truck. No body-on-frame here. Only the first two generations of the Durango had a body-on-frame-construction basically taken from the Dakota pickup truck.

Now, considering that the Dakota finished its adventures on the market in 2011 and Marchione does not have any intentions of bringing it back, we can imagine something like a unibody Dodge pickup actually happening. After all, the Honda Ridgeline is here and the Hyundai Santa Cruz isn’t much off either.

Of course, we are only thinking out loud, just as X-Tomi did when creating this fantastic rendering of the Durango SRT Pickup. Nevertheless, the Durango SRT certainly feels as a cool SUV. Massive 392 cubic-inch Hemi V8 delivering 475 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque does give it quite a punch. After all, it can hit 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. Faster than an Audi R8 V8. Now, that’s impressive for a massive SUV that sits seven inside. And it has a Race mode. Imagine that.

So, while the Durango SRT Pickup is unlikely to happen, some ‘Mericans get to enjoy the hell out of the four wheel drift capable Durango SRT SUV.

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