Charger Hellcat Goes for The 9’s on the Strip

This Dodge Charger Hellcat ran an amazing 9.71s pass reaching a speed of over 140 miles per hour. The power plant that accomplished this feat is a 6.2 liter V-8 that has had some serious modifications to allow it to produce over 900 horsepower that is approximately 300 horse more than the stock model. The engine is not the only unique situation; The owner/operator of the Charger is Linda. Linda is a lady that is in her 50’s; with a vast knowledge of drag racing and a serious passion for the sport as well.

This beefed-up Charger Has gone through a major performance makeover. The Metco and ATI pulley configuration increases capabilities of the factory blower to deliver up to 18 PSI of boost pressure greatly enhancing the overall performance level. The Cats have been removed to facilitate race gas operation that must have also included a ECU remap. Most Charger Hellcats will fall in the 10 to 11 second range making this a exceptional record setting run.

In most circumstances; a 10 second or less pass is only accomplished by Drag only high-performance special built automobiles making this a truly amazing accomplishment.

The footage appears to show that her children accompanied her to the strip as well; but that hasn’t been confirmed. Maybe they will carry on this family tradition for years to come and make mom proud watching them do what she loves to do.

Overall, This is a very impressive Charger with a unique driver that obviously has a passion for racing.

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