Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Price Revealed And It Is Not Cheap

$1 can get you far in the SRT Demon world

First of all, Dodge capped the production of the Challenger SRT Demon to 3,300 units with 300 of these heading to Canada. Second of all, the Challenger SRT Demon price is at the very least 20 grand higher than what one would churn out for the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Hell, you are looking here at a Dodge with a starting MSRP of $84,995. This including gas guzzler tax, but excluding destination charge.

dodge challenger srt demon price

Dodge officials are aware that giving so much money for a Dodge is a bit on the wild side. Hence this quote from the Head of Dodge cars division Tim Kuniskis:

“Eighty-five thousand dollars is not just a number in a business case to Dodge; we know it’s a lot of money and a significant up-charge over a Challenger Hellcat,” stated Head of Dodge Passenger Cars Tim Kuniskis. “We worked very hard to build as much value into the Challenger SRT Demon as possible – features, performance and exclusivity that simply can’t be duplicated with a goal of maintaining, and possible even growing, as much future value as possible.”

dodge challenger srt demon price

You can almost make a normal car out of a Challenger SRT Demon – or just a drag racing machine

In this regard, the Challenger SRT Demon price features a number of awesome pieces available as a $1 dollar option. Yes – one dollar option, you’ve read it right.

dodge challenger srt demon price

Selecting $1 Demon Crate option will release additional power (840hp instead of 808hp, but only with racing fuel) and it will throw in a number of awesome pieces including a pair of narrow front drag wheels, a performance air filter, two valve stems, passenger mirror block-off plate, Demon-branded tools (hydraulic floor jack for example), tire pressure gauge, tool bag and fender cover. Neat.

dodge challenger srt demon price

$1 more will get you a passenger seat, rear seats, Demon carpet kit and some other interesting pieces. Sure, Dodge offers many other options as well:

– power sunroof ($4,995),

– satin black hood ($1,995),

– 18-speaker Harmon Kardon audio system ($2,495),

– red leather seat belts ($195) and 15 different color options.

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