Dodge Challenger Liberty Walk Conversion In Black

We had white and we had red. Now, it is time for a black one. Welcome the newest Challenger wide body conversion so sick and so outrageous you’ll get goosebumps just by looking at it on your display. Liberty Walk is the best thing to happen in the customization world in a long time. Japanese company became well-known throughout the world, but arguably, their works suit Italian supercars and American muscle cars best. Just look at it. If you see one in your rearview mirror, you’ll definitely let it pass. Why? Because it is a badass.

What we have here is full on wide body Liberty Walk kit. Crafted using fiberglass, the kit is lightweight, strong and cool. Mopar muscle car received bumper extensions, wheel arch extensions, and fantastic duck tail spoiler. Sure, the Challenger now looks like a cross between a badass street car and a race car. That is, after all, the point of a body kit like this.

Apart from cosmetic enhancements, Liberty Walk had to develop a special suspension setup to drop the Challenger to the ground. They did it by installing Liberty Walk’s Airexx digital air suspension. In fact, this thing is part of almost any proper Liberty Walk conversion. It enables the car to move around with negative camber setup wheels. It also operates by push of a button so road bumps will never again be a problem.


As expected, the kit is available for any Dodge Challenger. Even the entry level puny V6 can look badass with it, while, we presume, the best thing is to get all of these fiberglass parts to the Challenger Hellcat. It seems a fair and correct thing to do. Nevertheless, Liberty Walk widebody conversion is not cheap by any stretch of imagination. It costs $6k and that without Liberty Walk’s Airexx digital air suspension.

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