Do You Drive One Of These Known 10 Deathtrap Cars?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety have done an excellent job making sure that the vehicles that traverse are highways and roads are safe. However, due to unforeseen problems that occur when a car is designed and, yes, shoddily produced, a car may make it out of the factory with a major defect that causes the death of a driver and passengers.

The worst problems have to do with the location of the gas tank. If not properly protected, a crash into the location of the tank can cause a catastrophic accident that leads to a fire. There are also other issues that could cause problems.


Even the best car manufacturers get involved in these calamities and often it effects their reputations and mires them in devastating lawsuits.

Here is a list of 10 cars that have earned a reputation of being deathtraps.



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