Do You Believe 10 hp Made This Car The First Ever 200+mph Bentley Four-Door In History?

Have you heard about the Beluga caviar? It is the most expensive one in the world. 2 pounds cost up to 10 grand. It is so rare it can be found only in certain salt lakes where sturgeon Huso huso live. Now, there is something called the Beluga in the car world as well and it is even rarer. Bentley has a special paint hue called the Beluga. It lays it only over special cars the latest of which is the sublime Bentley Flying Spur W12 S. That upfront is a Beluga colored grille. While this certainly gives exclusivity to the car, there is something much more stunning to this car than the paint on the grill.


Believe it or not, this is the first ever Bentley four-door car to pass the 200 mph mark. It hit 202 mph and proved that enough power will make even a brick-like car go to insane speed. Ok, the Flying Spur is not exactly a brick-like car. It is a dignified, noble and quite stunning piece of design whose elegance and beauty fantastically fit its aristocratic character. New elements on the Flying Spur include tinted front and back lights, new set of bespoke 21-inch wheels, new steering wheel on the inside and a small “S” sign telling us the most important story of this car.


Behind that Beluga grill is a six liter, W12 engine. Bentley did rework it a bit. They increased the power from 616hp to 626hp and to 605 lb-ft of torque. One may say that a high flow air filter could do the same on a car like this. While that may or may not be true, we do know that the additional 10hp gave this Bentley something really important – a few mph more at the top speed.


While testing the car, Bentley’s test driver hit 202 mph in the four-door luxury sedan. A first for a Bentley. Other numbers are impressive as well. 0-62 mph in 4.5 seconds will make your heart pump a bit faster despite all the luxury inside. These numbers are even more impressive considering that the Flying Spur W12 S weighs a staggering 5,451 pounds. As it turns out, Bently now produces a sedan capable of slashing 200 mph mark and a massive SUV Bentayga capable of reaching 187 mph. These are huge achievements complementing the Bentley story of luxury and speed.


The Bentley Flying Spur W12 S does not cut short on anything in order to hit these incredible numbers. Its interior is as plush and as luxurious as the Queen’s room in the Buckingham palace, while the tech inside includes all the best Volkswagen has ever developed.


Bentley takes luxury and technology at the back seats serious. They said in their press release:
“An innovative Touch Screen Remote, deployed from the veneered rear centre console at the touch of a button, allows control of the car’s climate and infotainment systems from the comfort of the rear seat. The Flying Spur also features a WiFi hotspot for connectivity on demand while travelling.”


And it must be said – the suspension has been tweaked a bit. The driver can select sporty or luxury setup. You probably know what all of this means. Sporty – hard and precise, while luxury comes in handy when the owner is in the back seats. Also, Bentley will, on demand, install carbon ceramic brakes on the Flying Spur. In case one wants to hit the track or something?


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