Divergent 3D’s “Dagger” – 3D Printed Chassis With An H2 Engine!

Recently unveiled at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, Divergent 3D revealed something quite spectacular: a super lightweight and fully 3D printed motorcycle chassis…powered by a supercharged Kawasaki H2 engine! According to the company, the new 3D printed carbon fiber frame weighs in at 50% lighter than your usual motorcycle frame assemblies, increasing the overall efficiency of the bike, without compromising the strength and durability.


Now, we’ve seen a few pretty awesome 3D printed setups before, and the most interesting 3D printed machines we’ve seen are the electric efforts from Energica, or the striking APWorks Lightrider from Airbus. And both were great concepts. However, they were somewhat lacking in the oompf department. As you can see, the engine aboard Divergent’s Dagger is the ultimate test for 3D printed frames. If it can handle an H2 engine, it can handle anything, right?


Even though the Dagger is more than safe, Divergent 3D have said that they’re not going to be mass producing motorcycle frames specifically for the H2 series. This was more of a design exercise to push the boundaries of the relatively new technology. In the past, Divergent have built all kinds of things, including the Blade, a 3D printed supercar. With two awesome incredible portfolio pieces, and a few more tucked away in their factory, it’s clear to see that Divergent 3D want to show the world how far the technology has come, and what practical applications it can have – not in the future, but right now.


To stay one step ahead of the game, Divergent 3D have partnered with France’s PSA Group to improve and employ their incredible skills over a wide range of projects. In an interview with Mashable at the LA Auto show, Divergent 3D boss Kevin Czinger explained: “The partnership with PSA Group is to bring about standard vehicles built on our technology in the next few years. These cars are showing how creative and diverse and divergent you can be if you have the tools and a low cost way to build cool stuff.”


From supercars to hyperbikes and who knows where next, it seems like the only way is up for the 3D printing business: “This is to show that we have a front end where we can develop a vehicle within a wide range, from a motorcycle to a truck… It’s a platform that will allow you to design, manufacture and assemble a wide range of vehicles.” It seems like the long term plan for Divergent 3D is to make this kind of technology accessible to smaller manufacturers and more bespoke builders to make the future of motoring, on two wheels or four, even more efficient in the future.

“The ultimate vision is years from now because of lowered costs, we’re going to go from tens of car companies globally to thousands using this platform.” 3D Printing…it’s the future!


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