Digital Artist Jon Sibal and His Vision of a Perfect Lamborghini Countach

Once in a while car enthusiasts start thinking about their favorite car from the past. One of them is Jon Sibal, who thought how a model of Lamborghini from previous century would look with a few design changes. Voila, here’s his vision of Lamborghini Countach, with design changes introducing the car to the 21st century. Who wouldn’t want this image to be a reality?

Lamborghini Countach

When the first model of Lamborghini Countach came off the assembly line in a factory in Italy, it immediately became a celebrity among supercars of the era. Since 1994, only 2,049 models were made, the last one being manufactured in 1990, leaving the room for its successor, Lamborghini Diablo. Even today, Countach is considered to be one of the finest examples of automotive design of the Italian company. The reasons for that are numerous, starting from its amazing design.

Digital Artist Jon Sibal and His Vision of a Perfect Lamborghini Countach

Its design suggests that this Lambo used to be the king of the road. Marcelo Gandini from famous Bertone design studio is the man behind the design of Countach, while what’s below the hood is a true engineering masterpiece. The V12 engine, between the rear and front axles was, in its days, among the most powerful in the world.

Versions of Lamborghini Countach

United States was the number one market for Countach. In fact, the model was so popular there that Lamborghini decided to manufacture a special edition in 1988, celebrating a quarter of the century of this model. 25th Anniversary Countach was based on the 5000QV, the same model that was inspiration for Jon Sibal, nearly three decades later.

Perfect Lamborghini Countach

Jon Sibal’s Version

In Sibal’s mind, Countach is one mean machine. It’s obvious that the designer had rough power in mind when playing with pixels, which is why he placed huge twin turbos at the back. The designer also put emphasis on posterior to make the car fit modern-day expectations. As large means powerful in the world of car design, Sibal also put a massive diffuser at the back of his dream car, making the car look beastly. Looking at the image, one can’t help but wonder have Lamborghini designers seen this?


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