Demolishing the Dodge Challenger Hellcat

A Decadent Stretch of Destruction

What happens when the classic Dodge challenger Hellcat is demolished and destructed? The remaining parts of the car get displayed and sold of course. The car that once was well known for its impeccable horsepower is then reduced to a mere squashed tin can looking like structure. After meeting its melting point under hazardous situations like fire damage, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat with its 6.2 liter supercharge and V8 engine is far from being road worthy. Demolition of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat means that bearings, as well as seals, need to be replaced first before the vehicle can be seen as being fit again. Damages other than fire damage may lead to parts of the car like the roof becoming squashed like a tin can.

The Dodge Restoration Challenge

Cleveland Power and Performance managed to pick this one up and it’s not the first one they’ve snagged up. Here’s to hoping the continue to salvage these beauties.

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