Dallas Speed Shop Hellfire Goes to SEMA

Since the introduction of the Hellcat Challenger there have been a huge number of vehicles given the Hellcat treatment. We have seen these engine swaps on shows like Discovery’s “Fast and Loud” and have even been treated to future potential Hellcat options from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) with the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler Trailcat. With SEMA wrapping up earlier this month, it’s no surprise there were even more Hellcat-powered machines brought out to play, but it’s Dallas Speed Shop’s Hellfire that really caught our eye.


Based in…well Dallas of course…Dallas Speed Shop (DSS)offers their clients a completely custom experience from a new set of wheels to custom fabrication according to their website. It’s no surprise then that they decided to take a brand new Ram 1500 R/T and turn it into the beast known as Hellfire. Obviously the first thing DSS did was rip out the stock 5.7-liter and shoe-horn in an upgraded 6.2-liter supercharged hellcat motor pumping out 775 horsepower. After all, when going to SEMA a customizer can’t just use a STANDARD 707 horsepower hellcat motor…


In order to make the exterior match the insanity of the powerplant under the hood, the Hellfire truck features a matte black paint scheme with an offset red stripe down the driver’s side along with red accent mirrors. The front features a custom made carbon fiber splitter to presumably help with downforce, but it also gives this high powered ram a menacing face. To finish off the  exterior, some wheel flares were added because, after all, no custom truck would be complete without them.


Looks and power are one thing, but this truck needed to handle that upgraded hellcat engine too! As such, DSS upgraded the suspension, braking and wheels. In fact, this truck has carbon ceramic rotors to bring that barreling truck to a quick stop! The massive, 22×11.5-inch Forgeline FF3 wheels sport continental tires and feature transparent red centers and black pearl outers perfectly matching the truck’s accents. This theme follows on the inside as well with custom Ram black and red leather.


While the hellcat swap has been done countless times, the Hellfire is a great execution of power, looks, and driveability. While I’m sure it was no easy task, they made it look simple, understated and mean which perfectly complements the insane power of the hellcat. If nothing else, what’s there not to like about a 775 horsepower matte black pickup?

Photo and info credit: Dallas Speed Shop Facebook and Forgeline Customer Gallery

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