D3 Tuning’s Past Is Our Future. Part 2.


Hey, Thanks for joining us again today. Like we promised, we’re continuing with part two of the interview with James Gill, the head of D3 Tuning. As you can see, there has been a lot that went on in the background in order for this great tuning, and production firm to get to where it is today. And without any further adieu, we give you part two to the interview with James.

7. Since the company’s birth, back in 2005 correct? Do you feel that D3 is where it should be when it comes down to being a prominent force in the aftermarket district for domestic vehicles? In other words, is D3 where you think it should be since being in business for such a short amount of time? (Feel free to open up, and give your honest opinion on the automotive market, and how your company is dealing with staying relevant in it.)

A. I feel given what the company has done in the short time (relatively speaking) with what we have had to work through and work with, we have done very well. Given that D3 has become synonymous with Cadillac when you mention the name and we are typically the first thing you think of when you say Cadillac performance. Till thisHow do you make the CTS-V Coupe more Bad Ass? day we are still the ONLY true Cadillac Tuning business. Our business model is one that focuses purely on the Cadillac brand of vehicle. We cover the entire line up of Cadillac vehicles. We manufacture parts for the low volume cars that other tuners will not recognize. We have dedicated our business to the Wreath & Crest. It is amazing to think just 10 years ago you would scoff at the idea of there being a Cadillac on any race track around the US. Now you can see Cadillacs on the racetrack and think it is completely normal. When you see a D3 Cadillac and their relative pace compared to the rest of the field, it gives you a firm reassurance that D3 is the Standard of Cadillac Tuning. Those statements on the track help continue to smash the perceptions of what people thought of Cadillacs.
D3 will continue to push to become to Cadillac what AMG is to Mercedes. Our path is defined and confidence is high. The current aftermarket for Cadillac vehicles is evolving right now. We have blazed a trail for others to follow. We have opened many doors over the years. While we continue to push the market, there are others that look to take advantage of the doors we have opened. We continue to be the leader in development for the Cadillac vehicle offerings. Our products are often used as a benchmark for other companies to copy or duplicate the design without having a full understanding the of function. We are flattered by the attempt. As we continue to help mold the market, we cannot express the importance of continuous support of the innovators and push back of the imitators. Social media and D3 Tuning forums have drastically changed the landscape of the marketplace over the years from what we have seen. Whereas forums use to be valuable tools for knowledge and a great barometer to gauge the response of enthusiasts. They have now become very “different” for lack of a better term. We have seen some pretty creative tactics used by companies to make themselves look good often at others expense. There is a lot of misinformation floating around on the internet about us. Some good, some bad. We always recommend contacting us directly if you want to get answers or to experience first hand rather than internet hearsay or other companies tactics (er. marketing campaign). Our reputation has been established at the racetrack and on the show circuit. Our license program with Cadillac proves that we are the only officially recognized Cadillac tuner in the world. We are not believers of “I read it on the internet, so it has to be true.”.

8. Where do you see D3 in the next 5 years after you’ve hit & passed your ten year anniversary?

The-Legionnaire-by-D3-06A. I see D3 continuing the path of AMG to Mercedes and I hope that in that time frame we will have D3 versions of the vehicle that will allow people to have just that much more of what’s already drawing them to the vehicle. Our brand is already global and we will continue our growth in the overseas market. I see a handful of Cadillac dealerships really “getting it” in terms of offering their clients access to D3 products and OLP Cadillac products. Those dealerships will be able to benefit from the clients business because they will earn their trust and feel that the dealerships understand their passion and enthusiasm for the brand just as they do. In the next 5 years we will have dealerships offering cars in the same likeness of Don Yenko from the late 60’s. He was a true pioneer dealership.


9. Do you think there’s a possibility of D3 stretching its reach over to another GM sector, or even further, the international market? (Will D3 start tuning Corvettes, Camaros, Cruzes, maybe even supercharge a truck or two.)

A. D3 Cadillac will always be D3 Cadillac. But as a manufacturer we have the ability to design and create just about anything for any car. But in terms of the brand it will remain completely loyal to the Cadillac brand of vehicles. From a manufacturing standpoint we do develop products for other companies under their own brand. But this is more of a private label program and is not disclosed as a D3 product.

10. I’ll begin to wrap things up here. I know that you deal heavily with Cadillac based racing, and tuning, so how hard would it be to see a Cadillac CTS-V Drift car on a track?

A. If it was up to us you would have already seen a Cadillac drifting professionally on the D1 circuit. Programs like this require the support of the manufacturer and if they are interested in that from a motor sports standpoint. Unfortunately drifting does not fit Cadillacs marketing direction at this time. But it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make awesome drifting vehicles. Look up “Caddy Ruckus” on YouTube. I would say we bring up drifting to Cadillac about once a year, so you never know….

11. Does D3 participate in events that help bring light to the company? Charitable events, drives, exhibition races, shows and such.

A. We try to stay as active as possible. The great thing about our product line and brand is that it is very diverse. From a marketing standpoint we race, we show, we cruise, we support local events. In each case we market a product slightly differently depending on how or what we are showing at that time. We are HUGE supporters of grassroots events and will try to support whenever we get the chance.

12. This question is for me, simply because I tend to follow the Tuner scene, and I would to see this at a show. Will you guys ever build, or use some of your cars for shows like Nopi Nationals, Autocon which is in LA, and shows like those?

A. We have built cars for Cadillac in the past for the Nopi Nationals. The show scene in LA has been somewhat dry compared to years past. But when they arrive, we will be there in force.

Well James I would like to thank you for your time, in answering these questions, and I hope that we can do this again at some point in the future.


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