Crazy Quad Rider Rams Bike Cop – Brutal Video!

Watch as this crazy quad rider takes out a bike cop!

Using any type of vehicle as a weapon is outrageous, but watch as this idiot quad bike rider decides to purposefully ram a motorcycle cop, it’ll make your blood boil. Now, more often than not, these type of videos usually include a fair dose of road rage and they usually feature a car as the aggressor – here, we have a quad bike instead, and the rider uses his four wheeled advantage to take down a pursuing bike cop, with fairly nasty consequences. Just because it’s a quad doesn’t make it any less dangerous, and I’m sure the cop will agree: even if a quad is lighter than a car, when you’re tumbling off your motorcycle, the pain level is exactly the same.

This video was shot in Finland, and it begins with two cops chasing down a reckless quad biker who is quite obviously riding without any care and attention, swerving this way and that, and being a general nuisance. At this stage in the game, the quad rider is probably going to receive a small penalty and a slap on the wrist. But then he goes and ups the ante, taking the offense to a whole new level.

One of the officers decided to ride on ahead, hoping that the offender will simply pull over after noticing that he’s dealing with proper law enforcement. Under normal circumstances, an offending motorist will normally give up, realizing he’s outgunned, and “come quietly.” However, this quad rider had other plans, and decided to ram the police officer not once, but twice. You have to give credit to the cop for staying upright for the first assault, and crashing on the second was completely unavoidable.

The Quad Vs  Bike Cop Video!

You could argue that the cop should have backed off after the first incident, but in his defense, he was there to alert any oncoming traffic of the danger and keep the public safe, putting his own life on the line in the process, which is incredibly admirable. And it’s easy to say “should have” in retrospect. The quad rider though…man, what was he thinking? What could’ve been a small traffic violation has now escalated into something much, much worse…An attempted murder charge, to be precise.

So next time you see a rampaging ATV rider…give them a wide berth!

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