Coin Toss: Sexiest or Ugliest Trans Am Ever?

Actually, it’s a Camaro Z28. But it looks like a Trans Am. A sexy Trans Am. And I know guys who would prefer this car to women.

The good ol’ boys at Lingenfelter have come up with the LTA Camaro, a package that converts a stock 2015 Camaro into the epitome of Pontiac’s muscle. This particular one has been built for an overseas customer, and uses the balls-out Camaro Z28 package with an LS7 7 liter-engine as its base.


Absolutely everything is modded out. The wheels are the least of it, and are 20-inch  5 spoke chromies. The front bumper fascia and grille are designed to completely revamp the face of the Camaro into the iconic Pontiac split-grille design. The shaker hood is decaled up with the obligatory Firebird decal in a very classy blue on white paint.

Under the hood, the engine received some massive upgrades. The bump up to 630 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque is achieved by replacing the valve springs, cams and intake for starters. The engine mods come with a balmy price tag of $10,246 alone!

They’ve also changed the back bumper, taillights, and added a spoiler. The Camaro is nearly unrecognizable as a Chevrolet and has all the cues to convince observers that Pontiac is back (they’re not). And the price? On top of the base price of the car (around $75,000) you can add on anywhere from $45,000 to $129,800 in upgrades of your choosing.

You tell us: is this car worth the same as an entry-level supercar?

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