15 Classic Cars That Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of

Trucks, Trucks and more Trucks

Only days ago, we published an article showcasing fascinating kids ideas about futuristic cars. Not one of the six kids drew or thought of a classic sedan or a sports car. All of them were people carriers and “almost-SUVs”. Curious.

But this list here, not linked with that one in any shape or form, compiled by the classic car insurance company Hagerty possibly shows why that is the case. Hagerty compiled a list of most desirable collector cars for the Generation X and Millennials. It is the opposite of what Rimstyle did when asking kids of their employees to draw futuristic cars.

As Hagerty rates the market with a mark from 0 to 100, they published a list of cars that scored from 89 to 96. In essence – highly desirable. We have 15 of them. 11 of which are trucks and SUV precursors!
911? No!
Ferrari cars? No!
Roadsters? No!
Ford, Jeep, Chevy, Dodge trucks? Hell yes!

Enjoy the list:

1946 Dodge Power Wagon

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