Chevrolet Slams Ford F-150 With This Truck Bed Test (Video)

Whenever new technology gets utilized it instantly becomes a double-edged sword. Those using it are taking the plaudits for being innovative and open-minded, while pushing the limits of their respective branch further. Their opponents, however, always dig out new technology’s shortcomings and use that as leverage. That’s nothing new in automotive industry. Ford went the aluminum way with their new generation F-150 full-size pickups, while Chevy remained loyal to good old steel. Read on in order to find what this is all about.

bed 1

Chevrolet still uses steel in their quarter-ton pickups, and their beds are made of roll-formed, high-strength steel. On the other hand, New Ford F-150 is entirely made of aluminum, and so is its bed. With both manufacturers believing their ways to be superior, it was only fair putting them to the test. This test which you’re about to see in the video below has been designed by Chevrolet, so Ford fans will likely find it biased and suspect foul play. Still, it looks legit, and Chevy even claims no actors were cast.

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To cut the story short, after suffering some 825 pounds of stone brick drops from 5 feet high, and even an empty toolbox fall from the edge of the truck bed, Silverado clearly comes away as a winner. It only sustained some dents, while F-150’s aluminum bed got punctured on multiple occasions. To be fair, both trucks had their bed liners removed. Wonder if Blue Oval’s truck bed would have sustained such a heavy damage otherwise? Probably not.

bed 3

So, what Chevy are saying is basically this: “Aluminum used in Fords is less sturdy than steel used in Chevrolets, plus it’s more expensive to repair.” People at Ford, on the other hand, have very different opinion about both aluminum, and GM’s so called “Rust Buckets”, but that’s good old healthy competition for you. Speaking of rust buckets, take a look at this Silverado in rust bucket wrap. Oh, and here’s the video I promised.

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