Check Out This Insane Shelby Mustang GT500 Retro Swap

Let’s face it – while classic American muscle cars drip cool from every panel, and look and sound beautiful, they’re a dog to drive on the road. Dubious steering, terrible brakes and the cornering ability of an iceberg, they’re not something you want to let a teenager within 50 feet of.shelby-gt500-gt500-superswap

If you want both classic American style and modern-day safety and handling, you’ve got one of two choices – you can go for a resto-mod, updating the brakes, suspension and engine of a classic with the modern-day upgrades.

Or, you can do what Dan Burback did and go all-out, completely swapping the body of an almost-new 2012 Shelby GT500 for the far more sexy body of a 1967 fastback to create this spectacular GT500 ‘SuperSwap’.


The panels for the 1967 fastback look came from Dynacorn, a company specializing in producing panels and sheet metal for classic American cars, created using modern-day production methods and high-quality steel.

As you can imagine, fitting the body of a 60s classic to the chassis of a 2012 model is no easy task. For one, the track of a late-model Mustang is much wider than a 60s model, which is what gives rise to that wide-boy stance, as Burback had to push the arches way out to incorporate the wheels.


Burback describes the job: “The goal was to have both classic looks and modern muscle. I cut off all of the outer new 2012 sheet metal, it only had 300 miles on it at that time, then welded on all brand new 1967 Mustang sheet metal. No body parts or windows of the original 2012 were used.”

Burback hand-made the metal fender flares and that prominent rear spoiler. He also had the front grill, front turn signals and reverse lights 3D printed to exactly match this unique new build. It also boasts a handmade fiberglass front splitter.

Burbank did pretty much the entire job himself in his own garage, save the custom retro GT500 paint job, over the course of four years, sacrificing many an evening and weekend for the sake of this impressive build. What do you think? Was it worth it?

If you’re curious to see the process, you’re in luck, as Burback filmed a timelapse of the whole build in his garage, which you can see here.


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