Catch a Glimpse of the New Top Gear (Video)

Those of you out there that are keen fans of the Top Gear TV show will probably be chomping at the bit to catch a glimpse of what the new version of the show is going to look like.

We all know that Jeremy Clarkson and his two buddies James May and Richard Hammond are no more, and that “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc is one of those tasked with replacing them.


This brief clip from the show’s Facebook page shows LeBlanc engaging in a typical Top Gear scenario, and he does appear to have got a handle on the ubiquitous comedic approach that’s required.

However, with the air date imminent, it could be seen as a little surprising that the new show isn’t being trailed more heavily than it is. It’s true that the new presenter lineup hasn’t exactly got the show’s domestic audience counting down the days until the first episode airs. It’s also true that the amount of episodes in the new season has been reduced from what was originally intended.

Could this new version of Top Gear actually bring about the end of this global phenomenon of a TV car show? You won’t be able to make your mind up from what’s been teased on the web and social media so far, but perhaps that’s why the producers are playing their cards close to their chests?


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