Is This The Worst “Cash For Crash” Scam Ever Recorded? (Video)

This is arguably the worst staged crash scam that we have ever seen.

Bored of jumping across the hood of stationary cars for the insurance money, this moped rider takes his scam to the next level – only to be caught out by a dashcam. This is probably one of the most pathetic fake road accident videos we’ve ever seen…and we’ve seen a lot of pathetic insurance scams. This one takes place in Britain, and if we remember the runaway success of things like The Office and the Got Talent franchise, it means that we should expect this kind of idiot scam to happen on US shores in the very near future. So get yourself a dashcam. You’ll understand why in a minute.

If It Wasn’t For Her Dashcam, This Woman Would’ve Been Caught In The Scam

Scooter Scam 1

In this video, we have a woman driving a long a quiet residential street at any appropriate speed, when an unexpected thing happens. A young male rider decides to push his moped out into the road, and then slowly and rather pathetically “reverse” it back into the front of the poor woman’s car. To make things even more cringe-worthy, the “rider” then throws himself across the hood of the car whilst shouting: “What the hell?! You idiot!” – We can only describe it as the worst acting performance ever.

Scooter Scam 2

The only thing less convincing that his acting performance is the sudden appearance of a random, innocent bystander who – amazingly – has caught the aftermath of the accident on camera. Convenient, huh? Despite the watertight evidence, the two men overlooked an important thing: the woman’s car was fitted with a dashcam. After explaining to the two young men that she has the whole event recorded and how it’s quite obviously a scam, the pair tuck their tails between their legs and flee.

Scooter Scam 3

The woman then calls the police, and hopefully the pair of scooter-scamming cowboys get what’s coming to them. We don’t know how it panned out, but we do know that in the UK alone, insurers have to deal with over 2,500 fraudulent claims a week. To make matters worse, surveys have concluded that as many as 25% of innocent drivers have been unable to successfully prove that they were not at fault after fraudulently being accused of causing an accident… So, take this as a warning. If you haven’t got a helmet camera or a dash cam: get one, now. It may save you a lot of money in the long run.


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