Carlex Design’s Outstanding Customized Porsche Cayenne S Interior

Carlex Design’s track record in customized cars speaks for itself. For instance, it installed tire-tread-inspired seats in a Ferrari 458 Spider, added an eye-searing yellow interior to a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, and has created steampunk designs for a Mini Countryman and BMW Z4.

To add to its unique catalog, Carlex Design is currently transforming a Porsche Cayenne S. The SUV’s interior borrows from the latest Panamera by replacing capacitive buttons with physical controls.  The engines match with the sedan, including a biturbo 2.9-liter V6 with 434 horsepower (324 kilowatts) and biturbo 4.0-liter V8 making 542 hp (404 kW). The new archetype somehow retains the features of the current model but rides on a lighter platform.

But, how did Carlex achieve this?

First, the original black Alcantara leather and some of the dark trim was stripped out. Then the cabin was refitted with lime green accents and custom-upholstered seats.

A large portion of the interior: the handles, door panels, steering wheel spokes, speaker frames, instrument panel background; and portions of the dashboard like around the vents were also covered in lime green. To appeal to the client’s unique taste, some of the original carbon fiber elements were retained to contrast the dark pieces against the bright accents.

To complement the accent on the seats, lime green was stitched into the chairs and covered in a mix of leather and perforated Alcantara that looks a little lighter in color than the original material. The seat belts are the same shade. However, the original seats were not removed.

This latest customized model will be unveiled to the automobile enthusiasts next year at the Frankfurt Motor Show and will be on sale before the end of 2017 in some markets.

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