Buick Regal Grand National Vs. The Mercedes-AMG C63 S On The Drag Strip

The first thought that will come to the minds of many when a Mercedes-AMG C63 S and Buick Regal Grand National find their way into the drag strip for a challenge is to put all their money on the GN. This is because the GN never disappoints on the tracks as shown in the video below; giving the Affalterbach sedan a run for its money.

If you were to get a GN that was still in its factory form, it has its worth as a collector car but with an average worth if we’re talking about the drag strip kingdom.

One of the features that give the Regal its glory is its modding-friendly nature. Hence, when it came to the battle against the sedan, the driver wasn’t intimidated even to the slightest bit. Even though we can’t see the timing numbers, the footage itself is enough to tell us the GN’s driver excellent reaction time against the Mercedes.

Compared to the Buick driver, the C63 S seemed to know what was lined up for him looking all tensed up. The guy even decided to seat the Mercedes out when it came to the mandatory tire-burnout session. Well, the GN driver did not disappoint on the tire warming moment.

For now, we’ll avoid posting the time of both machines since we don’t want to ruin the video for you. Also, due to the poor video arrangement at the end, it seems like you’ll have to guess the C63 timing.

The Mercedes-AMG in a standard trim form can achieve an excellent timing of 12.2 seconds for a quarter-mile distance task. Now, let the games begin.

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