Bugatti Veyron Super Sport #300 Going To Auction For At Least $2.3 Million

There’s something special to collectors  in having a low numbered vehicle from a limited production run. The same is true for having one of the final models in a production run. In this case, we have the last Bugatti Veyron Super Sport produced before the Grand Sport Vitesse began its run.


The Veyron was limited to only 450 in its run so having one is already a rare pleasure. It gets even more uncommon knowing that there were only 48 Super Sports to roll off the line. One sixth of that, eight cars, were delivered to the United States which also adds to its value. The serial number attached to this car is #300 and the chassis numbers also end in 300.

Style And Power

In the base Veyron, the quad turbo V8 was making an already impressive 1000 horsepower. When the Super Sport came to market, this was increased by 20% to 1200hp. This came from an 8L V8 with the same turbocharger configuration as the original Veyron.

With smooth lines and sharp edges in all the right places, both cars are eye catchers. However, with subtle differences and a single color from front to rear, the Super Sport is especially stunning. The original model’s price tag sat at $1.7 million but was bumped up to $2 million for the limited run of the upgrade.

Auction Pricing

There are a number of factors that are coming together in the auction scene to make the Super Sport’s new higher price. Not only does it have a unique chassis and serial, but there are only 400 miles on the odometer. The body and engine as well as interior are all in pristine condition to match its built in rarity.

Coming from its initial $2 million sticker price, this Super Sport last changed hands for $2.3 million at auction. Now the current owner can expect to pull at least that much back for their 2013 model. The top speed of 248 miles per hour and a 0-60 time under three seconds are also attractive features.

We won’t have to wait long as RM Sotheby’s has the auction date scheduled for less than a month from now in Arizona. January 19th and 20th have been selected as the days when bidding will take place for this rare beauty. Unfortunately, we can’t put together a Gearheads pool to buy it on timeshares because internet bidding is not available this time.

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