Bugatti Veyron And EB110 Mashup Could Be A Thing In An Alternate Universe

Bugatti EB110 SS was the best money could buy back in the Nineties. Even Michael Schumacher had one. It was probably at the same level in the world back then like the Chiron is today. Expensive, rare, exciting and seriously fast. When Bugatti revealed its spiritual successor – the Veyron, only a keen eye could grasp the stylistic causes that link one to another. It seems that one of the “keen eyes” is the designer behind the HPF Design name. He, or she, created quite a unique Bugatti Veyron and EB110SS mashup linking all the right features in the most organic way possible. And it worked. This thing looks kinda nice, kinda cool. Even feasible in some alternate universe.

Trying to spice up the Veyron design HPF Design integrated a fair amount of details from the EB110 SS. Lights, sharp edges, and massive rear spoiler complete the picture. This giving Veyron a look only a few could have dreamt about. Now, the Veyron SuperSport is still the fastest production car in the world, despite the Chiron grand entry. However, with 300hp more and refined features such as better transmission, more forgiving suspension, and probably better aerodynamics, it may be that the Chiron has yet to prove its dominance. Some even argued that the Chiron may already be a 300mph car but Bugatti does not want to brag about it to everyone. After all, they have customers who only need and want perfection.

As for the mashup here, we have to say, it looks like a good exercise in design. One that could make others create similar stuff. However, it is not of any value to the manufacturers or to any of us for that matter.

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