Brazen Bike Thieves Filmed In Australia

“They’re not the smartest blokes going around,” – says it all, doesn’t it? It’s all very well filming the thing, but not once did anyone try to do anything about it. Ok, we get it – the guy was carrying tools capable of smashing through a steering lock, but there are times in the video when someone could have done something… This event unfolded at the at RMIT’s Bundoora campus in Melbourne, Australia.

Anyway, despite being watched and filmed by a few witnesses, the bike thief continues smashing at the steering lock, until he eventually gets it free. Then, his accomplice throws him a tow rope and away they go. Fortunately, it has been reported that they didn’t actually manage to steal the bike, as the thief actually drops it whilst turning a corner. They did manage to escape the law, however.

BikeThieves1 BikeThieves3

According to Melbourne’s Detective Senior Sergeant Brett Meadows “They’re not the smartest blokes going around.” ­ Sure, not the smartest, but they’re not easily intimidated either. We all know that bike thieves are the worst scum in the world, but casually stealing a motorcycle in broad daylight, surrounded by witnesses, and being filmed? That’s just insane. We wonder what would have happened if this went down on the streets of the USA…


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