The BMW HP4 RACE Takes On The Isle of Man TT Course In This Epic Video!

There’s no better advertisement for the BMW HP4 RACE than this!

This is without doubt one of the best onboard videos you’re ever going to see: the BMW HP4 RACE tackling the Isle of Man TT course. The Isle of Man TT was many things this year, but dull wasn’t one of them. Sure, there was rain, there were delays, and sadly there were deaths but the poor weather and the unfortunate incidents are two things that are always loom over the circuit. For every negative thing, there are a hundred positive events to celebrate. And this one is definitely worth your time.

BMW HP4 Race Side 1

We’ve already shown you a magnificent video of Kawasaki’s ZX-10RR smashing its way along the iconic mountain course. Also, we’ve recently just talked about Ducati’s ultra-light 1299 Superleggera receiving its US unveiling. So, how about something that’s roughly a mixture of them both? It’s not a Kawasaki. But it’s not a Ducati either – since the Isle of Man TT is no place for a twin-cylinder. How about we look at the other superlight bike on the scene at the moment? That’s right. Let’s look at the BMW HP4 RACE hammering around our favorite circuit.BMW HP4 Race Side 2


On-board videos can be a real delight to watch but they can also be a real pain in the ass waste-of-time too. This one is definitely worth every second of your attention. It features BMW’s very own professional racer, Peter Hickman, and their brand new, state of the art racing machine: the carbon fiber clad HP4 RACE. We’ve got more details on the bike in this article here, but first, check out the video.

The BMW HP4 RACE Tackles The Isle of Man TT Course!

BMW HP4 Race IoM

If you can, find a big screen to watch this on. Turn the volume up, and watch some of the best riding you’re ever going to see… This is what real speed looks like.

The camera angles are great. The sound is awesome. The view is electrifying. It might be a twenty minute long video, but you’ve got no regrets, right? We’ve even watched this multiple times, and even had the audio on in the background whilst getting other stuff done…because it was that good.

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