BMW 5 Series M Performance Is Probably All You Will Ever Need

Germany, as the US for that matter, has hundreds of small tuners capable of developing interesting tuning kits for new cars. These stole a massive market from manufacturers and for the past decade or so manufacturers have been fighting back – ever more so in the recent years. The BMW M Performance division is the best proof. Their latest creation is based on the tuning kid for the newest BMW 5 series G30. Yes, the car appeared only weeks ago, but the M Performance was waiting for just the right time to reveal its upgrades. The M Performance tuning kit includes rather cool aero additions, engine tune-ups, and even interior mods.


M Performance crafted special parts for all of the BME cars. Only weeks ago we showed that fantastic 2 series and 3 series M Performance kit revealed at the SEMA. Now, however, they made the same with the 5 series. Bear in mind that the 5 series is quite a large car at this point. Size usually destroys any sporty aspirations sedans may have, but “funfer” always had that sporty character BMW started to build even with the first gen back in the Eighties.


The latest can be really sporty too. The M Performance showcases a whole aero set for the 5 series. Dominating the white colored car are new add-on parts with carbon fiber finish. We are not sure could one actually order them in carbon fiber, but if we have to guess, we’d say yes. The add-ons include a front splitter, front bumper extensions, side sills, a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser. More or less, nothing uncommon from an aftermarket small tuner. So, we ask you, would you rather go full M Performance or order these things from a tuner!? Other details include a black front grille and carbon fiber rearview mirror casings. It does not look half bad. BMW succeeded in keeping the elegance and the refinement of the 5 series design while giving it quite an extensive aero makeover.


Complementing the visual upgrades are 20-inch lightweight alloys shod in 245/35 R20 front and 275/30 R20 rear tires. More meat than usual. And it needs it as the 540i got 20hp more (now at 360hp). Not exactly an M5 or M550i for that matter, but it is fast enough for sure. And yes, the BMW M Performance dropped in an updated exhaust to sprinkle the things up.


Interior, on the other hand, saw the Alcantara-covered steering wheel and red central markings.

They sure couldn’t go all out tuning the thing like the AC Schnitzer would do, but M Performance even offers upgraded brakes and readjusted suspension. So, one can get a full tune up the package from the division basically.


The best part of it all comes down with the warranty. Installing all these features will not have any impact on the warranty. So, head to BMW and immerse yourself into the M Performance bin.


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