Stunning Black Cuillin V12 Coupe By Newcomer Eadon Green

British company behind this piece of modern art deco is Eadon Green. We need them to build and sell Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

Coachbuilders seem to be finding their niche in the car market of today. Every now and then we are seeing another fine luxurious one-off being built and revealed to the public. In this case, you are looking at a stunning Black Cuillin V12 Coupe – a British-built throwback to the cars of The thirties.

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

And not only that. This one is possibly the most mysterious piece of metal (carbon fiber actually), to grace the floor of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show last month.

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe is One Man’s dream

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

A British company that is behind this piece of modern art deco is Eadon Green. It basically is a start-up. Or, more precisely, a company created only to produce this stunning one-off. Felix Eaton is the man behind it and the story about creating this car is somewhat interesting. Apparently, this guy fell in love with the 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 driven by Captain Hastings in Poirot TV Show. He had to have one. However, these fetch some insane prices at auctions – like 4 million bucks insane. So, to make something even more amazing he had to design the thing and order carbon fiber shell over the high-end chassis.

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

Interestingly enough, Eaton did not specify which chassis he used as a base for a car. We only do know it is a chassis of a high-end European manufacturer. And then there’s a V2 inside. Again, a mystery. We only do know this beauty named after a mountain range on the Isle of Skye, off the Scottish coast will do 170 mph.

Ready For Production

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

Felix Eaton said that the Eadon Green Black Cuillin V12 Coupe is ready for production. If they spark enough interest at the Geneva Motor Show they could build a few examples, but those would be slightly different compared to the one from the show floor. See, Felix will use aluminum in the future. Aluminum is easier to work with and more importantly to straighten after some sort of an unfortunate event. A crash in essence.

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

Now, keeping the things under wraps may be a good thing actually. People who will eventually buy a car need some degree of mystery surrounding their awesome car. And this one has enough mystery for five cars.

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

Regardless of its retro design and obvious 1930s design causes, the Black Cuillin V12 Coupe has a rather modern interior – all with a high-end audio system, air con, multi-function steering wheel and a lot of buttons we don’t know the purpose of yet. Felix wanted it to be absolutely useful in the world of today.

Black Cuillin V12 Coupe Black Cuillin V12 Coupe

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