Biker Narrowly Avoids Collision On The Interstate

A YouTuber by the name of BreakingMoto recently uploaded his latest close call; and boy was it close. Thanks to some quick reactions and a stretch of (relatively) empty road, he manages to avoid getting himself tangled in what could have been a nasty situation! This event unfolded near Albuquerque, New Mexico…

You’ve got to hand it to BreakingMoto for his handling of the situation. I think a lot of riders might have just dropped the anchors and hoped for the best, rather than getting two good head checks in, and assessing that avoiding the situation entirely was the best course of action.

As for the actual incident that happened ahead of him. I don’t what the f*ck went on there. Just looks like some idiot up front wasn’t paying attention to the events going on around, and just panicked. Either way, kudos to the man for avoiding an accident (and the flying debris) and even more win points for uploading it!

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