Bezos’s Outbid These Top Companies For Top Gear

Top GearYes we have all heard that Amazon is giving an insane 200-250 million dollar (not turkish lire) annual budget to the (old) Top Gear trio in order to make a series about screwing up everything they touch. What we are finding out from different grape vines is that there were many players at this and I’m sure BBC was, and is, still full of regret even before they waste their time trying to make Top Gear again with other hosts.

Car shows come and go and though the Top Gear formula has been tried and failed in many different countries, broadcasters still fail to realize that it is simply the chemistry between three bickering and schoolhouse level practical joking middle-aged brits that make the show so damn funny. Adding supercars and mishaps to the equation is simply icing on the bitchy cake.


As media outlets start to cut the cable programming and go full-bore  into subscription streaming is the perfect timing for the Top Gear presenters to jump ship. Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Apple are all vying for your subscription but they know that they have to have a vast array of shows in order to get you to swing the subscription fee. Look at Netflix as they bring in older shows we love and create new ones we love as well, if they continue to grow then they become the “Google” of search engines or “Band-Aid” of adhesive medical strips and everyone else pales in comparison as people begin to use Netflix as if it is synonymous with all entertainment or simply the act of watching TV. Now sit down and Netflix you little bugga!


We know that many companies wanting to take over the streaming racket were bidding over the trio and surprisingly Apple was one of them. But from what we have heard Jeff Bezo’s was a fan of the show to begin with and if I had as much money as Bezo’s and you want to grow Amazon prime into the cable killer Bezo’s wants then I too would throw an ungodly amount of money at the trio to make me just personally laugh my A$$ off. So we get to wait and see what $7 million dollars an episode will get you. I look forward to it!


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