Better Late Than Never: Tesla’s Model X Crossover

Since Tesla first introduced the Model X Crossover in 2012, the public has been anxiously awaiting its production, and it seems the waiting is nearing an end. Originally, the Model X was teased as a 2015 production car to hit the market in late 2014, then that release was postponed until early 2015. Now, Tesla assures the public the 2016 Model X will be available “for real” later this year.


If you haven’t already ordered the Model X, you will have to wait a little longer for the opportunity to own this all-electric crossover. Tesla has confirmed that the 2016 model has already sold out. You can still put an order in for the 2017 Model X, although – with Tesla’s track record for punctuality – you might not see it until 2020.


With all this seeming demand for the Tesla Model X, what is so spectacular about this car – aside from the space-age look of the Falcon Wing doors that open up and out to reveal the back seat? In all honesty, this four-door vehicle is aesthetically suited for soccer moms and unlikely to garner more than a passing glance on the open road.


Even the Tesla Motors website doesn’t have much to say about the Model X other than more details will be available closer to the vehicle’s actual release. Fortunately, from other sources we can glean that this green machine will be available in three battery options (60 kWh, 85 kWh, or 85 kWh) with each Model X having dual-motor, all-wheel drive.


Although we can’t be sure of the accuracy, experts project the Model X will be fairly fast with the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. Another potential selling point for Tesla is the roominess of the interior; its three rows of seating can comfortably seat seven people, and the two luggage compartments (one in front and another in the rear) will be useful to the soccer mom audience to tote the kids’ gear.


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