Bentley Continental GT Supersports’ New 22-Inch Wheels Make It Sinister

Never underestimate the power of good wheels. A set of nice 20-inch wheels could transform almost anything into something exceptionally ghastly or amazingly awesome. In this case, we are talking about the latter. The massive, expensive coupe Bentley Continental GT Supersports went out there and earned some awesome 22-inch wheels. The name is Vossen VFS2 and for a set of wheels, you will be set back (isn’t that cute) by $3,300. A lot!? Well, it is, but then again, you are driving a freaking Bentley and 33 hundred is not that much now, is it!?


The Continental GT Supersports is the best you can possibly have in terms of awesomeness from Bentley. The 6.0L W12 engine with a couple of superchargers and 630hp with massive torque of 590 lb-ft can without a doubt support these massive wheels and launch the Bentley to 60 mph in 3,7 seconds, or to 100 mph in 8,9 seconds. You may say, manny Ferraris, Lambos and the like are much faster, but consider this – the Continental GT Supersports boasts the luxury of a private land yacht and weighs like a Saturn moon. 3,7 to 60 is plenty of speed.


At the top end, these 22-inch tires will move at 204 mph giving a hard time even to Ferraris who try to follow it up.


We can say without any fear, that this posh Bentley is not posh any more. It is a bad mother*ucker with guns and *hit in it. You won’t see a broker driving it – no. But that suspiciously wealthy guy that “gets the things done” will drive it.

bentley-continental-supersports-vossen-05 bentley-continental-supersports-vossen-04

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