BBC Wants Female Host to Replace Clarkson; How About These?

BBC confirmed that Top Gear would return in a new form in 2016, and that BBC execs were looking for women presenters to lead the show in place of Clarkson.

So it looks as though not only has Jeremy Clarkson punched his way out of a job, he’s managed to get his two co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond sacked as well, as their contracts run out at the end of the month and won’t be renewed (despite any public pronouncements they make about not wanting to continue without Clarkson).


Clarkson sharing some of his vast technical knowledge of automobiles

So that means that when Top Gear returns, it will most likely be pretty much overhauled, and not just a few new faces on the presenters podium. Clarkson’s misogynistic opinions have turned off plenty of female viewers and male viewers as well. So the BBC is in serious discussions with several potential presenters who coincidentally are female.

The real irony of the situation is the the very first host of Top Gear was a woman. Angela Rippon hosted the show on BBC in 1978 and 1979.


Angela Rippon stylishly evaluating an Aston Martin in 1978

All the names mentioned so far are British, but there are some excellent candidates here in the United States. Below is a list of Americans who could easily fill Clarkson’s shoes:


Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick would bring with her her worldwide recognition, her abilities to properly evaluate an ultra high performance (unlike you know who), her on-camera abilities (wasn’t she just great in those Go Daddy commercials?) and she can be just as pedantic as Clarkson.


Ellen DeGeneres

First, she’s a Porsche fanatic. She’s owned a number of 911s over the years, so she’s got that going for her. Second, her eyes are bluer and teeth whiter than Clarkson. Third, her wife is the super hot Portia de Rossi. Fourth, she gives away a lot of free cars (I want a free car).


Anonymous Woman Applying Make-up on the Freeway

First, she’s very concerned about her appearance, which is important in television. Second, she arrogant, like Clarkson, in that she’s willing to risk the lives of others to drive distracted.

 Jennifer Lawrence

Why not. Like Clarkson they both have plenty of opinions about topics about which they know nothing. I wonder if Bradley Cooper would be required to co-host.



Bruce Jenner

Who has better credentials than Bruce? He’s an accomplished race car driver (won the Sebring 12 Hours with Scott Pruett in a Mustang), and auto enthusiast. He’s had plenty of scripted acting experience as well as screen time in reality television. And by the time the BBC would need him on set, his surgery should be complete.

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