Bandit9’s Stunning 1967 Honda Supersport: The “Eve MK II”

As custom motorcycles go, the incredibly futuristic and elegant rides rolling out of Bandit9’s Ho Chi Minh City based garage are some of the finest we’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking a ride through the congested city streets of downtown Saigon or taken a spin along Vietnam’s rugged Ho Chi Minh Highway, you’ll have seen more than a few Honda Supersport’s zipping around. Affectionately referred to as the “Sáu Bảy” (Vietnamese for “Sixty Seven”) they’re a popular choice of motorcycle in the South East Asian country. The vast majority of them you’ll see still wear their classic 1960s clothes, but this particular model from Bandit9 looks as though it’s been transported back from the future.


This isn’t the first of Bandit9’s Honda Supersport models that we’ve seen, but this one is definitely our favorite. It comes powered by Honda’s classic 125cc air cooled engine, complete with a four speed transmission, that’s capable of 11 hp and a top speed of around 68 mph. Sure, it might not be the fastest ship in the fleet, but considering that the vast majority of Vietnam’s bike license holders are restricted to a maximum of 150cc, and large capacity motorcycles coming with an extortionate import tax, the bang for buck ratio of the Supersport is more than respectable.


It’s because of Vietnam’s expensive import rules that small custom firms like Bandit9 have to think outside the box. Aftermarket accessories? Non-existent. Bolt-on parts? Good luck finding them. So, Bandit9 really have to do everything from scratch, or modify existing parts to fit their criteria. Keep that in mind when you look at this moto-sculpture; everything has been hand crafted to perfection.


The monocoque tank and seat unit have been lovingly crafted from steel, and give the Honda a sleek, bullet shape. The front fairing is a feat of precision engineering, forming a slight X shape that almost mimics the nose cone of the Rebel Alliance’s X-Wing fighters. The swingarm has been carefully sandcasted to give the Supersport a racier riding stance. The ’67 also comes complete with a custom exhaust, custom handlebars, a cowhide leather seat and….an electric starter to boot!


If you’re looking for incredible performance figures, this almost certainly isn’t the bike for you. However, taking the Eve MK II out for a ride should bring a smile to the face of any bike rider, who enjoys the thrill of riding on two wheels, no matter what the engine size. Even if you can’t appreciate the performance, you can’t argue with the level of engineering and enthusiasm that has gone into this stunning build.

bandit9_3 bandit9_4

Bandit9 are actually making a limited run of these gorgeous machines, and you can pick one up for around $15,000 – excluding taxes and shipping of course. It seems expensive on the surface, but it’s a small price to pay for such a lovingly crafted and exotic motorcycle.

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