AWD Dodge Challenger GT Concept Is What Dreams Are Made From

Ouh boy. This could be a big one. After giving the world the most amazing muscle car of all time, Dodge is pushing the envelope one more time. True, the 707hp Hellcat is hard to top, but the one shown here will definitely get your juices flowing. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first ever Dodge Challenger AWD. Yes, AWD is for All-Wheel-Drive and while you still trying to wrap your head around it, let us say that it is not a crazy off-road Challenger. This one has all the bells and whistles to drive like no other, corner like a Euro car and pull out some serious Gs in the bends. Hell, we have come far.


Aesthetically, the AWD Dodge Challenger GT Concept is an appealing package. Nice Grey color smartly decorated by the black upper half of the car and discrete orange details is definitely something any one of us would like to have on a car. The package is of course far more comprehensive than that. Yes, the exterior looks along with larger 20 inch wheels and exceptional Mopar aero parts is the first thing we go crazy about, but the most important changes have been made underneath.


An AWD Challenger is not an easy task to fulfill. Everything has to be done properly and the question we had before is if the FCA actually has all the necessary tools for this kind of things. And than we remembered. The Charger AWD actually exists and it is already available with the V8. So, all that was left to be done is to adjust the drivetrain and the technicalities of the AWD Charger for the integration in the Challenger. Built around the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 and the new Scat Pack 3 Performance Kit, the AWD Challenger has some serious power to play around with. These awesome wheels could see a bit of hooning all around when the 450hp engine screams underneath the bonnet.


However, we have to ask ourselves is this thing actually close to reality. As for the exterior and interior decor, all the stuff are more or less attainable through Mopar accessories programm. Unfortunately, the four wheel drive system is here only in the concept form. Mated with the eight speed tranny, and upgraded with the Mopar hi-flow manifolds, and hi-flow catalysts, new exhaust manifolds, exhaust adapter and improved gaskets, this machine is as bad as it gets. It even has a lowered suspension with the Mopar front and rear strut-tower braces stiffening all the gear up.


What we are actually saying here is that this Challenger is an all wheel drive machine with stiffened up suspension, great wheels, lowered center of gravity and a rather powerful engine. We could have a winner here. True, the weight of the thing is still a big unknown. However, we know that the difference between the AWD and RWD Charger is a bit more than 220 lbs. The same could be happening here. Improved engine and four wheel drive alongwith the better sorted out suspension could take care of all of that.

As it is only a SEMA concept we cannot but wonder are we going to see it in production, like ever! The muscle car fans would definitely like to have it, but are there enough of them willing to spend a bunch of dollars for something like this. Enthusiasts would, but a majority of other buyers are not actually fond of giving money for something they are not likely to use.

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