Automobili Turismo e Sport Rival Ferrari With Handsome And Extremely Fast ATS GT

It Is Not an AMG GT, It Is A 800hp ATS GT

Not exactly 800hp. 690hp at present. 3.8 liter V8 of yet undisclosed origin powers the ATS GT making the car ferocious and definitely supercar title worthy. However, this is not all the engine will deliver.


We still wait for its prime.

ATS engineers look to update it to deliver 800hp for a car which tips the scales at just 2,866 lbs. Seriously low weight for seriously high power. We see some of McLaren influence here. We do not want to jump to any conclusions, but could it be that the ATS actually uses the Ricardo Twin Turbo V8 we already saw in all McLaren cars.


It is of no consequence at this point in time as ATS (short for Automobili Turismo e Sport) actually plans to build only 12 cars. And all of them will be unique in their own way. ATS tends to provide buyers with a full selection of personalization options.

No, we are not talking here about wheel size, or fuel cap paint finish. Here, the buyers will be able to go crazy. They will be able to choose the power of the engine, transmission setup (including choosing the tension of the spring in the shifter), type of brakes, suspension setup and everything else one may think of.


Honestly, we can only imagine Bentley Mulliner, McLaren Special Operation or similar to offer that level of customization freedom.

ATS GT Already Drives And Is A Finished Car

This process will be quite challenging as the car seems to be of high-end design. To keep the weight as low as possible, the ATS made the GT mainly of carbon fiber. Parts of the chassis, pieces of bodywork and even some trim pieces have been made of the material. Sure, the ATS will be stiff, rather rigid and very sharp. Presented at the Salon Prive in Oxfordshire, England, the car came riding on 20-inch wheels (21-inch wheels at the back). Also, it came with a fully prepped interior. Not that we like it very much though. It is gray. Too gray for the colorful supercar world of today. But it does exist and that really is a big deal for the new and upcoming companies.


Believe it or not, making the interior (especially a nice looking and intricate one) is a really tough job. New companies usually have many problems with molding and “printing” pieces of the dash. So, looking at it from this perspective and knowing that buyers can opt for whatever they like for the inside of the ATS GT, makes us optimistic about all of it.


Some details do stand out though. Look at the transmission lever (seven speed sending power only to rear wheels FYI), or the TFT dials behind the wheel. It all looks quite minimalistic but rather modern.



800hp, low weight, launch control, modern suspension, a lot of carbon fiber, and I think, rather fine aerodynamics speaks a lot about the performance focused ATS GT. It is not official as of yet, but I did dig up some specs. 60mph could be broken in three seconds, 124 mph in 9.9 seconds, while the top speed is somewhere at more than 206mph. Supercar performance for sure. And yes, it’ll do almost 20 mpg. If really care about such thing. And you should not really care as this thing cost  $1,150,000. Yes, that much. Is it worth it?


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