Audi A7 & S7 On Steroids By Liberty Walk

The Audi A7 Sportback is now showing signs of “aging” since its entrance into the market in 2010. However, Liberty Walk isn’t giving up on the model just yet, as they hope to get the car back to its original glory with their recent, classy upgrades.

The aftermarket parts have been made available to the market and are in agreement with other turner’s designs featuring a unique look at the front, a rear diffuser, different side skirts, a ducktail bootlid spoiler, and their one-of-a-kind flared fenders.

With the visual upgrades created from fiberglass reinforced plastic, you can get them starting from $9,000 being apparently expensive given that you can get an Audi A7 nowadays going for $30,000. With Liberty Walk’s air suspension, it will cost you another $7,900 putting in mind that this is exclusive of the modded exhaust and the special wheel and tire combo.

The Liberty Walk’s parts can work well with the standard A7 and also the performance-oriented S7, even though, both of these models are coming to an end soon. Set to go down the same path while sharing the same concepts with the A6, the next-gen model is due for a next year release featuring a brand new design inspired by Prologue Concept.

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