Atlanta Highway Buckles– Sending A Motorcyclist Into The Air

For the second time in as many months, an Atlanta highway has been a cause for concern. This time, the westbound 1-20 is at fault, after a massive bulge appeared in the road.

If motorcyclists didn’t have enough to worry about the roads, it looks like we’ve got another thing to add to the list. We’ve seen it all: ladders, mattresses, tarps, other vehicles…and the odd patch of road can be hazardous at times. In this situation however, the motorcyclist in question was caught completely unaware as a huge bulge appeared in the asphalt, directly in front of them.

According to local authorities, the large hazard appeared in the road in front of the motorcyclist, sending both bike and rider high into the air, to a height of several feet above the Atlanta highway. When emergency services arrived on the scene, the bike had come to a stop a further 200 feet past the bulge in the road. The rider was rushed to hospitalized, and is in a critical condition.

But what caused the giant bulge?

The first reports indicated that an underground gas leak and an increased build up in pressure under the road caused the bulging. Later on, local fire officials explained that it was likely due to a series of abandoned gas lines that ran under the highway, which had malfunctioned in some way. The buildup in air pressure under the asphalt caused the highway to warp, and eventually erupt. The fire department have been pouring concrete into the old gas lines, to solve the problem.

The State Of The I-20 Atlanta Highway

By now, the road has been re-opened and traffic should be flowing, however local authorities have advised that regular users should search for alternative routes for the time being, as the traffic flow may not be back to normal for the rest of the week.

If you’re wondering how the rider managed to hit this enormous bulge without taking evasive action, we have been told that the rider was a victim of circumstance, and that the bulge appeared mere seconds before the bike struck it.

You can follow this link for a bit of video coverage on the situation from KDVR. It’s worth watching, because there’s nothing quite like seeing clueless news anchors laughing and complaining about a lack of coffee while the footage shows a crashed motorcycle. Idiots. At least the woman corrects herself explaining that the broken road “is a bigger mess than the fact that we have no coffee here.” Funny, huh? It’s not like someone is in a critical condition or anything.

The I-20 wasn’t the only Atlanta highway to have problems recently. Last month, the I-85 collapsed after a massive fire. These are two freak occurrences though. However, if you don’t wear the best safety equipment you can already, maybe you should start gearing up before every ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best rider in the world: if the road itself doesn’t want to play fair, you’d better arm yourself accordingly.

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