Asking Price For The Very First Ferrari LaFerrari Is A Cool $10 Million

With a price tag of $10 million, this beautiful supercar is probably not the best automotive bargain you’ll find this year. Those dollar signs come with the prestige of not only having a great car but a unique one as well. In this case, we have the first model produced in a very limited run of less than 500 cars.2

The LaFarrari is undoubtedly one of the best looking cars ever produced by the company. This first among them has been kept in pristine condition but carries a significant price. Typically one of these cars goes in the $3 million range but have ranged much higher in the past.1

Originally sold for $1,400,000, these cars have fetched up to the $5 million mark previously. 1/499 was once listed on eBay for the bargain price of $3,800,000 but was thought to be a scam because of the platform. Even with a touch above 1000 miles driven, it didn’t move so now it is being offered on a more trustworthy platform.3

This first model has been seen for sale at a dealership in Luxembourg with no changes from the last attempt. Other than the $6.2 million increase in price and mileage added between dealerships, it’s exactly the same.4

Justification here comes from the rarity that increases as these cars leave the road. It also offers the chance to brag that you have the very first one made. What do you think, is the $10 million cost worth the bragging rights that come with it? Will it end up being driven as intended or will it end up being idle in a wealthy collector’s garage?

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