Arash AF10 Supercar Promises 2080hp

How do you make a small fortune in the supercar industry? You start with a large fortune and lose money as slow as possible. Well that is usually what happens as the now increasingly difficult and downright zany land of the Super-Exotic-Ultra-Performance cars go.  And if your car is not bold, fast and cutting edge in some way then you are likely to get pounced on by everyone. If your car is not the envy of the car world, then insecure billionaires will pass on the thought of purchasing the product of all your blood, sweat, finances and tears.Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.00.32 PM

Now some companies have succeeded in the supercar realm such as Pagani and Koenigsegg but for each of these, there has been droves of companies burning to the ground as quick as their cars.

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A little known British company Arash was originally formed in 1999 and produced a model as soon as 2002, so the company has managed to stay together making fun and powerful cars.

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What the problem is that they are trying to get into the big leagues with an insanely powerful car that will need an immense amount of engineering in order to keep it from turning into a sparkler.

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The Arash F10 Hybrid starts out with a hearty American LS9 6.2L heart similar to the ZR1 and adds 4 electric motors that rev to 13,000rpm. So with 5 total engines and 5 gearboxes in all means that there is a lot of heat being generated and more things to go wrong. So I do hope the company delivers on the car and hope that it performs as well as they claim because they will have the competition and naysayers to contend with.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.08.29 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.18.44 PM

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