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Hey Thanks for joining us. Today we will be looking further into modernline drift trikesthe craze that’s not only tearing up the hills, and streets of the us, but also bringing everyone’s inner kid back out to play. Today we have Andy, Big Dawg CEO/Master Builder of Modernline Drift Trikes with us via, an online interview. We get into the the whole Modernline Drift Trike movement with him, to see where life will hopefully be taking him in the near future.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to sit down, and spill the beans on this new style of riding. Being that I’m here, and you are where you are, I would suggest that you get one of your favorite drinks, so that you can relax and answer the questions as they come to you.

Q1. So Andy, tell me a little about yourself, and what made you want to get into what you are doing right now?

I have been doing fab work for about 15 years now, and most the stuff we do are cars, scooters, turbo bikes, and anything that is fast. But I wanted to get into something cheap that me and all my friends could do together, that’s how I found out about drift trikes.

Q2. Now for what I’ve come across online and such, what is a Drift Trike, how does it work exactly? Are there any differences in Trikes? Explain please.

Well we provide 3 different kinds of drift trikes. There are modernline drift trikessimple, and easy to use Peg Trikes, (which are gravity fed, riding down hills & such), Pedal Trikes (Just like a Big Kid’s Big Wheel, good on flat ground and hills) , and then there is the best of them all, Power Trikes. Some of those trikes use either a 1000w to 3000w front wheel to move them along. Or the other powered option is a 9HP gas motor that drives the rear wheels.

Q3. Who came up with the name Modernline, and what does it stand for, or mean to you, your friends & coworkers?

Modernline was just a good name that went good with the frame design, we wanted a super clean frame and name to go with it.

Q4. Who would you like to see riding your Trikes, or are you aiming for a specific demographic?

The trikes are good for anyone. I would love to see it in the X-Games in the next 2 years, or so. We make the Trikes for anyone from 18 to 35 years old.



drift trike modernlineQ5. Now I need your honest opinion on this one. What makes your Trikes different or better than the rest of Trikes that are popping up all over the US right now?

Well the frames we make are TIG welded and made in the USA, we also have a lifetime warranty on them. It can’t get any better than that, now can it?

Q6. In five years or so, where do you see your company? Would you like Modernline to be up with the likes of Trek, Cannondale & Specialized?

Modernline will be doing lots of new stuff this year, and next year to stay on top. We would love for people to walk in to a bike store at any given time, at any given place in the USA, and be able to get one of our Trikes.

Q7. Let me ask you something about work ethic. In your position at Modernline, is it better to have friends that work with you or for you? I need you to elaborate on this one, because there have been plenty of examples of friends getting together, and then the money that was maid kind of screws things up.

The simplest answer I can give you is, I don’t have any friends that work with me solely because of that reason you mentioned. Past experiences have shown me that it has never worked out in my favor, and so I don’t like to push my luck.

Q8. Now I asked you about your five year plan, but what do have plans on doing with Modernline during the winter months? Are there any Snow Trikes in the works for those who want to slide all year round?

No I don’t think snow trikes will ever be allowed at any ski resorts. (At least for now) The Trikes are a little on the heavy side, and there is no way to stop them on snow. It would be a recipe for disaster.

Q9. OK, Andy I’m going to wrap this up. We covered the physical aspects of Modernline, what about the virtual world? What I’m asking is, do you think Trike Drifting will become so big that you’ll see your name in a video game?

I’ve never thought of that before, but yes I think that if drift trikes are able to break into the X-Games successfully, it will only be a matter of time before they really blow up. So a video game with trikes in it would be pretty awesome.

So Andy, that wraps up this online interview, and I would truly like to Thank You for your time on this venture. Good Luck with all of Modernline’s future ventures. We look forward to seeing more from you guys in the future. 


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