An 18-Year-Old Father Reverses His Pickup Truck Onto A Toyota Camry To Defend His Family

OCALA – Following a road rage incident on Wednesday afternoon, an 18 year old man, stated that he intentionally backed his Ford F-150 truck onto a Toyota Camry, to ensure the safety of his girlfriend and his 11-month-old child who were both riding with him.

The police stated:

The 18-year-old man reversed his pickup onto the Toyota Camry. The Ford F-150 driver explained that he did it to protect his loved ones.

Adalberto Aponte, 53, following the arrest affidavit, explained that he got into a back and forth shouting match which resulted in Zach Waring reversing his pickup truck and backing it up onto his Camry.

“Aponte has been driving erratically sincehe appeared behind my truck” stated Waring, “He almost caused numerous crashes. When he arrived at a red light that’s on the junction of Southwest 27th Avenue and Southwest 42nd Street, he stepped out of his Camry, charged directly towards my truck and opened the drivers window” The police further explained that Aponte started to hit Waring in the face repeatedly.

When Aponte overpowered Waring, a report says that his girlfriend shouted that they had a gun in their truck, to scare off the violent offender. The police, after inspection, stated that there was no gun in the Ford F-150.

The further enraged Aponte threatened to show them the real gun.

According to a report, Waring feared for the safety of his family and “had no other option but to place his vehicle in reverse and hit Aponte’s vehicle in an attempt to prevent him from obtaining a firearm and causing further harm to him or his family”.

Police stated, “The cross traffic kept Waring from driving ahead through the junction to try and get away from the argument, and after feeling stuck, the only solution was to keep Aponte from harming his loved ones.”

The police reported that those who saw the road rage incident confirmed Waring’s statement to be true.

Aponte was arrested at the scene by Ocala, Florida police and charged with battery, criminal mischief burglary, and driving with a suspended license after refusing to support his child in September 2016.

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