American Idol-Style Auditions For Top Gear Co-Hosts

In an attempt to whet the appetite of Top Gear lovers around the world, BBC announced they will have open auditions for Chris Evans’ co-hosts on the famous British automotive TV series.

Just a day after being named Jeremy Clarkson’s replacement on the show, Evans seems to be taking ownership of the future of Top Gear. Speaking with BBC’s One Show, Evans said that anyone with “a real appetite for cars” would be considered for the openings, whether famous or not.

Applicants are urged to send in video of themselves in front of the camera, not doing any crazy car related stuff. From the applicants, a panel will interview potential candidates for the openings.

One thing is definite: the next generation of Top Gear presenters will definitely include a woman. Speaking with Evans, he says “100 percent” there will be a female co-host. As female presence in motorsports and automotive broadcasting is on a quick rise, it does make sense to widen the demographic. Hell, just with the whole cast of Top Gear being new, BBC is going to need to capture as many new viewers as they can to make up for the ones they lose.

One other thing that is quite apparent with the casting announcement is that Hammond and May will not be returning to Top Gear. Unless they audition, I guess.

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