Alpha Six Aerodynamic Package For Next-Gen 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

We have recently written about next-gen Camaro’s composite aeropack made by ACS, but it seems 2016 Chevrolet Camaro owners will have some tough choices to make the way things are going. Fresh tuning house Alpha Six out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, enters the market with their own aerodynamic package for new Camaros, and they won’t be the last, that’s for sure.


Their sixth generation Camaro kit consists of front splitter, rear wing, and side skirts. Their first order of business was creation of the rear wing which was completed back in February. Their decklid spoiler is a one piece which means you don’t have to drill additional holes into your Camaro’s behind. Furthermore, it has winglets on both sides which hang over the rear fenders.


Front fascia gets a large splitter with center air channel which serves as downforce amplifier by forcing airflow through the center section of the body. Finally, side skirts lower Camaro’s stance while bringing it in tune with also low front splitter.


Alpha Six will release the pricing in the coming weeks, and production starts by the end of June. Their aerodynamic kit is currently available for preorder, but it’s limited to 50 kits for now. These early kits will be made of fiber-reinforced plastic, while next contingent should be available in full carbon fiber as well. Follow the thread on Camaro6 forum where they’ll be posting updates regularly.

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