Alfa Romeo Spider By Vilner Is Wrong In So Many Ways We Love It Beyond Reason

We got acquainted with Vilner through its amazing work on cars such as the Mini One Cabrio, the Morgan Plus 8 or even the magnificent Maserati GranTurismo. Now, the Bulgarian team, which mastered the interior design to the “level-Asian” just got their hands onto the 2010 Alfa Romeo Spider and stripped all the low-grade plastic from the inside by replacing it with highly praised materials of the new world such as a whole lot of leather, Alcantara, and Carbon fiber. The interior they have ended up with could teach the design masters – the Italians, a thing or two.


Now, you may think that this Spider is just your any other Alfa, but it is quite surprisingly rare. Only 1,432 units were produced in 2010 and its exclusivity is cemented among the rarest cars out there. What is more, Alfa produced only 12,363 units in a five-year production run.


This one got a whole lot of new features on the inside and all starting with the wheel with a slightly compressed bottom and decorated with Burgundy colored carbon-fiber inserts. Carbon fiber replaced all of the central dashboard plastic and got all the way throughout the cabin making the Spider look quite astonishing and surprisingly mysterious. Perfectly complement with the black features of the stock dashboard parts is additional dark red accents and the exceptionally beautiful seats. Alfa Romeo should use some of the ideas shown here to hype up all the stuff inside all of their future cars. That won’t happen obviously as they have just delayed a bunch of their new models.


Back to Vilner. A cherry blossom red leather upholstery actually differentiates the driver and the passenger side. Bolstering pieces on the right seat are black while the driver is in all red seat – a hot seat really.


And it is a bit of a hot seat as this particular Alfa Romeo Spider is motivated by a 2.4L JTDm engine. Yes, it is a diesel in a European FWD Alfa that is a Spider. So wrong, isn’t it? Well, we may also say this car is so wrong it is right and we would not be far from the truth. The small 2.4L engine is reasonably powerful at 250 hp. Of course, Vilner sent it to some garage for an ECU tune up and possibly a more capable cooling system. If 250hp is enough for the all-new Volvo XC90 on the US market, it certainly is enough for a small Alfa Romeo Spider in Europe.


Modifications continue on the outside as well. This is not the first time Vilner used their obviously inspired designing team to improve the exterior. Now, Milano Rosso paint (this sounds so Ferrari) shines with all the black decorative pieces on the door handles, turn signals, headlights, and between the tail lights. It is a nice touch which gives the Alfa Romeo Spider much needed sophistication. The pictures promise that this thing is going to be a blast. We firmly believe it will despite all the incomprehensibly explicit features it has.



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