A Trophy Truck Unlike Anything You Have Seen Before

To stand apart in the incredibly competitive automotive industry, one needs to combine innovation, creativity and serious skills to make something that completely blows away your audience. The team at fabricator Northrup Fab applied these same ingredients to create the Trophy Rate hot rod pickup you see here.

Trophy Rat 3

The build started with a blown 5.7-liter GM LS6 aluminum block V8 engine and a 1937 International pickup truck that the team at Northrup had been tracking for some time. After awhile, they eventually managed to get their hands on the antique pickup. In retrospect, they didn’t really need it because the only thing that was used off the truck were the body panels. Everything else on the truck was fabricated to their exact specifications. The truck could have been constructed using sheet metal from junk parts. However, they wouldn’t have been able to get the finish that they achieved.

Trophy Rat 1

Once the truck was sourced, the team at Northrup went about constructing a new frame and chassis. They added an A-arm independent front suspension controlled by custom-valved 2.5 King coilovers that give the vehicle trophy truck performance in the form of six inches of upward suspension travel.

Trophy Rat 2

To optimize engine performance, the LS6 engine was completely machined to produce 300 horsepower. To keep the engine cool during operation, a CBR radiator was fit behind the grille to keep everything running at peak performance.

Putting power to the ground are custom 17 x 9 TrailReady HD beadlocks wrapped in Nitto Trail Grapplers all-weather off-road tires.

Trophy Rat 4

While the vehicle looks like a classic truck with modern suspension components, a great deal of work went into preserving the classic lines. Underneath the skin lies a very sophisticated frame and chassis that is designed to offer trophy truck performance.

Trophy Rat 6

Because of the level of perfection that the project aimed for, it took 2.5 years from project inception to create what you see here.

Trophy Rat 5

When the project was first conceptualized, the goal was to create a hot rod, rat rod, trophy truck, and something that can be driven a daily basis that has never been seen before. A tall order for sure. Looking at the results, I would say that the team at Northrup Fab hit a grand slam on this one.

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