A New CTS-V Half-Mile World Record Set By This 1,500 HP Stick Shift Cadillac

This CTS-V features a 4.7-liter LSX V8 that transitions well with a pair of 7275 turbos. Just recently during the WannaGoFast event in Florida, the GM monster outdid itself by setting the bar high, setting a new CTS-V half-mile record where it delivered a 190 mph pass.

A feature that’s enough to get us all going crazy is the sedan’s stick shift, and the ability to navigate the clutch in such a machine is just out of this world.

We’re sure that this Cadillac is destined for even greater speeds, and this is because the new record was set the first time that the CTS-V hit the road after the project got completed.

We’re sure that the Cadillac will aim for the 200 mph mark once it undergoes some minor tweaks.

We can present you with an example of what usually happens with these early runs. In the WannaGoFast event in Florida, clutch engagement problems were encountered by the CTS-V which were easily fixed by the crew. This gave the crew a few lessons here and there along the way.

The video featured below gives you a chance to have a look at the Cadillac, in which you’ll realize the CTS-V has still maintained some comfort features. When such features get combined with goodies such as the racing gear and a sturdy roll cage, we get a mouth-watering image.

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