A Custom Corvette You have To See to Believe

There are many tuners applying such as Callaway who have been applying their magic to the Corvette. One such company that is largely unknown outside of hardcore enthusiast circles is Caravaggio. Proudly serving the Corvette community from Ontario Canada since 1986, Caravaggio takes more of a luxury sports coupe approach to their work.


While most tuners will focus on optimizing the performance of the Corvette, Carravagio stands apart from the rest by adding a level of luxury and refinement that is found in the most luxurious of sports cars and sedans. The Corvette is a performance car. As a result, Caravaggio like the other tuners, also addresses. However, upgrading the interior to the Corvette to one that is second to none. Carravagio would not be a tuner if they did not also address the performance for the Corvette so they do that as well.


The Corvette Z06 convertible was individualized from front to back, top to bottom starting with the hand crafted interior that would put any German or Italian sports coupe to shame. Every single surface of the interior is covered with high quality stitched leather, Alcantara, and matching carbon fiber accents. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.



The exterior of the Corvette is first enhanced with an aero kit of the company’s own design and then receives a full-body custom paint-job in a color that Caravaggio called ‘Ferrari Averio’. The color blends perfectly with the interior of the Corvette and does a phenomenal job of accentuating the lines of the Corvette Z06 Convertible.


Enhancements extend under the hood of the Corvette in the form of an E-Force supercharger, an upgraded cam and ported heads. The result is performance that takes the Corvette to another level.


While there are many Corvette tuners out there who are very good getting every single ounce of performance out of the Corvette, Caravaggio take the Corvette to an entirely new level of elegance and luxury, while at the same time making an already fast car go faster.



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